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Ship Cleaning

Practical and technical solutions

Tank cleaning 
Marpol Services specializes in cleaning tanks utilized to store various products including hazardous chemicals, petrochemicals, crude oil and even water. Whether you are changing product, inspecting tank integrity, making modifications and repairs, removing solid and sludge, removing contamination or demolishing a tank, we are prepared with trained personnel and state-of-the- art equipment to clean your tank, meeting your expectations and regulatory requirements. We clean:

  • Fuel tanks HFO, DO and MDO
  • Water ballast tanks
  • Freshwater (potable) water tanks (also cementing of fresh water tanks)

Cargo hold cleaning
Cleaning bulk cargos is one of the major issues on board vessels. Not only masters’ and ships’ crew are involved but also office-operation managers and sometimes external specialists. Preparation for loading new cargo requires important cleaning procedures. Especially today where cargos like coal, pet coke, cement, iron and bauxite are in high demand.
These procedures have different standards depending on previous and next cargos, as well as local regulations and specific cargo interest requirements. Cleaning coal and pet coke should be done in a specific way to avoid cargo deposits which will result in blisters and peel of the coating when the hold starts to sweat.
Attuned to the needs of the maritime industry, we provide thorough hold cleaning with the utmost efficiency in time and costs.