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MP Ship Clean
Neutral ship cleaner and degeaser for breaking down synthetic, animal, vegetable and mineral oils and greases and aromatic and non-aromatic hydrocarbons. The product can be applid by hand or using high-pressure cleaners, immersion troughs etc. and is safe for use on all water-resistant surfaces. MP Ship Clean can also be used in accordance with HACCP regulations.

MP Ship Clean HD
Strong alkaline liquid cleaner for industrial applications. Ideally suited for cleaning and degreasing components and surfaces contaminated with oils and greases, and cleaning plant rooms. Dirt accumulation is effectively dislodged from the underlying surface by breaking its surface tension, allowing it to be rinsed off quickly and easily with water. MP Ship Clean HD can be used in accordance with HACCP regulations.

MP Degreaser
Weakly emulsifying, quick-acting cold degreaser based on aliphatic compounds. Rapidly dissolves mineral oils and greases as well as light tar and bitumen residue. Generally used in chemical and petrochemical industries as well as in the maritime sector. This product forms an emulsion with water. Therefore it does not detrimentally affect oil/water separators.

MP Soap
A mild, alkaline cleaner for industrial applications, deck scrubbing and tank cleaning. Can be applied by hand, but is also ideally suited for use with high- and low-pressure equipment, steam cleaners, circulation systems etc.

Cleaner PS-NF Super
This product is both for cleaning and disinfecting surfaces, equipment, recirculation systems and other objects. Permitted usage for combatting bacteria and yeasts (not endospores) on surfaces that come into contact with food, drink and their associated ingredients. This product is manufactured using only the purest ingredients. All ingredients are food industry-approved.

MP Caltrust
A specially developed acidic liquid for cleaning weathered and corroded metallic surfaces and objects, especially stainless steel. Removes calcium deposits, scale and corrosion resulting from atmospheric pollutants, etc. This product has been IMO-approved for the maritime sector under its Dutch name RVS Reiniger Speciaal (Stainless Steel Cleaner Special).