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The right tools are half the work

Dealing with incidents is specialised work. Our extensive expertise enables us to advise you about the correct absorbents to use in the event of a spill. These materials only will absorb oil and fuel, not water.
Marpol Services also is supplier of Oil-spill response kits, Oil booms and Oli-absorbent cloths, all available in various types and sizes. Customized products to meet specific needs on special request.

Marpol Services has put together a comprehensive range of onboard cleaning products for the maritime sector. All products selected are available in either 10 or 25 L (2 or 5.5 gallons) cans. All following products are IMO-approved.
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Oil Spill Response Kits
These kits provide the solution tot oil spills. They contain various oil-absorbent materials, oil cloths and absorbent screens. The kit is watertight, lockable and comes with oil-resistant gloves and sealable bags for disposing of contaminated materials. Its total absorption capacity is 1.100 liters (242 gallons).

Oil Booms
This product is highly recommended fors hipyards, boatyards, marinas and bunkering stations. Booms are available in diamerers of 13 and 20 cm and lenghts of 3 and 5 meters. Floating on the water surface they confine oil spills to a single area. Booms can be deployed immediately in the event of any contamination, thus minimizing the impact on the environment. If the booms are filled with absorbent cloth they will also absorb the oil. These booms are recommended by the the Dutch Ministry of Transport, Public works and Water management.

Oil-absorbent Cloths
We recommend the use of oil and chemical-absorbent cloths to numerous industries including the petrochemical industry, machinery plants and garages. These cloths are ideal for placing on the round around machinery and in other locations to absorb oils and chemicals as spills occur. The absorption capacity is up to 25 times their own weight. Heavy machinery can be moved over these cloths without any problem.