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Port Reception

Your waste, our concern

With many years of expertise in maritime waste management Marpol Services has established a flexible, responsive range of services, adapted into one seamless operation by our experienced staff. We can accommodate tight deadlines and work around limited access, functioning 24 hours a day to provide dependable, efficient waste collection solutions.
Our services include dry waste collection for both ships and harbour facilities. We operate a fleet of specialist tankers to transport aqueous and oily wastes. We also operate marine barges for waterside and larger volume waste collections.

We provide our services across the ARA region, collecting and disposing aqueous, oily and hazardous wastes. Marpol plays a crucial role in helping to maintain the port’s status as one of Europe’s leading shipping outlets. We also provide reception facilities for ship-generated waste and catering waste in the Port of Amsterdam.

Being fully independent we guarantee that the most favourable solution will be found in each specific case. Clients dealing with Marpol Services will never face any surprise as our clear quotations detail exactly what is involved in any operation. You will never be charged any ambiguous additional costs and wonderful surcharges when doing business with Marpol Services.